Roof ice dams can cause major water damage but are easily preventable – here are three ways to ensure that your home is properly protected:

  1. Properly vent your roof – Your roof should have properly installed ridge and soffit vents to create air circulation and prevent the storage of heat which can melt snow on the roof and cause ice to form
  2. Proper insulation – Insulation should be installed on the floor of your attic – not against the roof. The trick is to keep heat inside your home – not your attic.Make sure you have the correct amount of installation for your home type and climate
  3. Install ice & water shields – A quality roof installation will include ice & water shields under the shingles to help prevent the formation of ice and prevent water from penetrating under the roof decking

If your roof is over 10 years old or appears damaged when viewed from the ground we recommend having a qualified roofing contractor inspect your roof. Most reputable roofers offer a free inspection. 

NOTE – Climbing on a roof can be very dangerous. Follow safety procedures or better yet call in a professional.

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