Winter is Coming! Here are some simple tips to ensure that your windows are ready to keep you warm and dry all season long:

  • Fall cleaning – clean your windows and sashes to remove and mildew that can damage your window cases and expose andy damage that needs to be fixed 
  • Install storm windows for extra insulation 
  • Check for drafts – A draft can be a sign that you may need to replace caulking or weatherstripping to keep your windows airtight 
  • Clear weep holes – If you have vinyl windows they may have weep holes at the bottom of the frames that are used to drain any rainwater that gets into the frame. Dirt and mildew can plug these holes. A wire hanger or compressed air can be used to clean these holes and prevent water damage 
  • Check the R Factor – If your windows are older they may have a lower R-Factor which indicates how well they insulate your home from heat loss. It may be time to consider an upgrade to lower your heating and cooling bills. 

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